We all receive music in different ways. Not just the delivery method of choice, not even the specific platforms, but our own personal methods for enjoyment. Some people spread thin across a myriad of genres, others dig down into one artist’s oeuvre and there are countless methods in between.

I seem to bounce back and forth between methods, but I also seem to pivot to artists I know and love, for little more than the unbridled joy of hearing exactly the song you want to hear exactly when you want to hear it.

One such artist is Our Girl. We’ve been working with them since very shortly after the inception of Terrible Merch. Having seen this band more times than I can count, I’d like to think I’ve got as deep a knowledge of their tracks as anyone outside of the band themselves. To really own those tracks makes a difference and so far, I (and everyone else) have only been able to have two.

Happily, that is about to change. Our Girl have announced their upcoming ‘Normally’ EP, through Cannibal Hymns. I could wax lyrical about it, track-by-track and point out the nuances that make each passing minute of this release truly special. Instead, I implore you to listen below and make it to any and all of their upcoming shows in the coming weeks.

Nov 15 - Instore at Rough Trade East

Dec 12 - The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

Dec 13 - The Shacklewell Arms, London