All of it. Every bit.

What sucks about making your own merch is that you have to find a printer and then you have to pick the right blanks and then you don’t know what type of prints are available and everything costs “extra” and then the merch is late.

Then you get your merch, and it doesn’t look quite right and the printer tells you that they followed your instructions, but how were you to know that the difference between the screen colours and the print colours would be so pronounced?

Then you have to set up your online shop and which platform do you choose and what are merchant fees? How do you send the merch? Is a plastic bag from Morrisons/bin bag ok? Where is your nearest post office?

Then you’re at your show and it rained whilst you were loading in and now the box has a tear in it. Five people want three different sizes and you can’t find them and two of them need to pay on card and you don’t even have any change. You don’t know how many shirts you sold last night and your keyboard player has all the cash, but mixed it with his change and then went to a squat party, so…

Yeah, actually, there’s nothing fun about making your own merch. Each and every step above is covered by us; design, manufacture, fulfillment, distribution, licensing, e-commerce, logistics, etc. We know what’s good because it’s our job to know that. You have too much rocking out to do to be playing this game, too. Please stick to that.

Stop announcing onstage that there’s “merch for sale at the back” with those pleading, bashful glances at the front row and start making great merch that pretty much sells itself.*

Terrible Merch. Merch, but better.

*You will actually need to sell it, still. That’s just an expression.


Terrible Merch was founded by Terrible Movement to help ARTISTS make better merch. Everybody wants better merch. ARTISTS want it, fans want it and we want it. 

We spent a long time making awesome streetwear and we developed a lot of processes to make great products quickly and at the right price. 

We are on the lookout for talented artists and brands to work with, but we only work on projects that we love and believe in.